Blog Posts

As you might have guessed, I’m passionate about blog posts. They’re a great way to communicate with a potential client and a wider audience.


More importantly, it provides a chance for people to feel engaged by you as a person. My job is to bring out your character while, at the same time, highlight your product or service.


My goal is to make the post an entertaining, informative read and possibly one which is also thought provoking.

As with most media related writing, the key to success is being succinct. An effective point is often made with a small sentence.


Media Releases

I’ve read thousands of media releases during my time on news-desks – and have written a fair few too! Consequently, I’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t. My service to you is to produce a release which, crucially, is easy to understand and fast to read.

A journalist only has a few seconds to decide if they will follow up on a release – or not. If they like it, and my subsequent phone call convinces them that it’s a good story, then it stands a good chance of gaining column inches in a paper or airtime on the radio or television.

All releases will be sent out using my own refined and developed in-house style – with logos, headlines, story content and a ‘notes for editors’ section.


Newsletters are a great way to communicate your message to clients and anyone potentially interested in your business.

I’ve teamed up with Zoommail and use their excellent system to communicate your message to people who want to hear more about what you do!

Sending out monthly updates can be a great way to keep people updated on all the latest developments in your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

You might be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective a media campaign can be to mount. My prices vary and can encompass a broad range of services. I try to accommodate all levels of budgets and, as such, can provide a very simple level of media provision which starts from £99. If you’re looking for a 1500-word blog with an accompanying media release, then it will cost £350 (these prices are fixed until Christmas 2020).
One of the best parts of the service I provide is the saving it gives you in terms of time. Instead of trying to work out if you’re producing good copy, why not simply pass it over to me?
It all starts with a simple phone call! Or a chat over a coffee. We go through what you’re looking for and I will provide you with a written quote before compiling your blog and / or media release. I send it to you for your approval and you can post it onto your site. I’m also happy to distribute any media release I produce and can provide follow up phone calls to journalists on news desks.
I’m friendly and approachable. I only work with friendly, approachable and professional people. In short, I’m keen to help boost your business and will only use the best of the best to do so. I pride myself on quick turnarounds and really enjoy writing great copy, which, I hope, will be absorbing and entertaining.
I won a Special Jury REMI Award at the WorldFest Houston (2005) for the West Country Top Secret series which I researched, directed and produced for ITV Westcountry in 2003.

I was part of an investigative journalism team which won a Platinum REMI Award at the WorldFest Houston (2003).

My book, Allies in Auschwitz, has sold more than 2500 copies worldwide and my academic paper on the subject was presented at the 2009 University of Leicester Holocaust conference.

I’m a fully qualified journalist who has worked in a number of BBC and ITV regional newsrooms and current affairs departments. My keen interests are running, French and Art History.
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